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Firstly, on behalf of Wenzhou Chenhui Packing Materials Co., Ltd., please allow me to express thanks to the leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who have supported us.
Wenzhou Chenhui Packing Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Over the years, our company has been engaged in R&D of hot stamping foil, hot stamping paper, and thermoplastic plastic including PP, PVC, PE, ABS, ACRYLICS, etc. for printing and packaging business. Our company makes great efforts in R&D of hot stamping paper, hot stamping plastic foil, laser hot stamping foil, pearl hot stamping foil, matte gold, matte silver hot stamping foil, tipping paper hot stamping foil, transparent hot stamping foil and transfer film and has made satisfactory achievements.
Our company is committed to promoting product quality and service quality, was certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and TUV and owns the rights of self-managed import and export. Through great efforts of friends of all walks of life and customers, our company becomes a leading enterprise in the domestic electrochemical aluminum industry and is well-known owing to high-tech and “Chenhui” series products.
Since establishment, our company has made a huge investment in introducing advanced technology, innovating business philosophy, establishing a high-quality staff team and improving the production and management environment. Through many years of efforts of Chenhui people, our company grows rapidly. Our company faces the fierce market competition and a new economic pattern. In the spirit of “Survival by Quality, Development by Efficiency”, our company grasps the domestic market opportunities, makes development, goes global and achieves sustainable development according to the scientific outlook on development.
Guided by the business policy of “Market-based, Service-centered, Product-supported”, our company strives to achieve customer satisfaction, and wins the trust and support of customers and approval and praise of consumers by virtue of creditable operation and a good reputation. Our company adjusts the business strategy and consolidates and increases the business performance according to customer demands and market changes. In the tenet of “Exploration, Innovation, Excellence”, our company strives to become the advanced supplier in the domestic electrochemical aluminum industry and makes a contribution to the development of the global electrochemical aluminum industry.
Chenhui people with lofty sentiments and high aspirations when recalling the past; Chenhui people draw a glorious blueprint today; Chenhui people will shoulder heavy responsibilities and make constant efforts in the future.
Hereby, wish all friends to give support to our company, cooperate with us, achieve mutual benefits and create a more wonderful future.


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