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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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Talent is the main force for development of our company. The enterprise with the first-rate talent team remains invincible. Since our company was established more than ten years ago, our company has been growing in the fierce market and industry competition owing to the successful talent strategy.
1. Talent Selection
In the aspect of talent selection, “the talents are selected according to posts” and “the talents are appointed on the basis of abilities”. “The talents are selected according to posts”: The talents are selected according to post requirements when staff is recruited and selected. The talents that we need are selected. “The talents are appointed on the basis of abilities”: The talents are assigned to suitable posts according to the actual situations, features and abilities of talents. “The good horse can run on dangerous road, but it is not as good as the cattle when ploughing. The automobile can drive on dangerous road, but it is not as good as the boat when crossing a river.” The talent can exert advantages, realize self value, and release maximum energy only when the talents are assigned to the most suitable posts according to their characteristics. Meanwhile, all new production line workers are required to take up a post after passing the skill assessment, thereby guaranteeing the whole strength of production line workers. In addition, when recruiting staff and introducing talent, our company pays attention to the rationality of age structure and tries to be younger. The average age of employees in service is Age 31, young and energetic. The employees that are younger than Age 28 account for 70%, with great development potential.
2. Talent Training
According to the actual situation of our company, the internal training is provided. Through cooperation with the training institutions, the internal trainer system has been established. The efficient and targeted training courses are provided. The external training is also provided, such as exchange study in advanced units, full-time study in colleges, etc. Meanwhile, our company cultivates successful individuals and talent teams. The development, expansion and success of the enterprise depend on the wisdom, ability and joint efforts of all staff rather than the strength of one or several outstanding individuals. Only all staff is united and the talent team with fighting ability is established, the scale effect of the team can be displayed and the company can obtain corresponding economic benefit and achieve long-term development. Our company develops human resources constantly, owns a continuous talent team, and takes talents as the inexhaustible capital with amplification effects. Our company develops talent training and development plans according to staff demands, strives to cultivate our own part-time trainer team and establishes the individual training archives.
3. Work Environment with Fair Competition
Our company strives to provide staff with an environment of fair competition so that the staff competes under the premise of the same resources and makes improvement, thereby achieving survival of the fittest. In the principle of “Concept Innovation, Talent Flow”, the stability of the staff team and the flowability of staff are ensured. Our company encourages staff flow and limits the flow rate through management efforts. The too stable staff team, inactive enterprise atmosphere, and lack of competition, pressure and motivation of study will be caused due to the too low flow rate, thereby failing to achieve survival of the fittest. The enterprise will not make progress and lose driving force. If the flow rate is too high, the team will be unstable and disunited, the training will have no return, the technology will be lost and the competition difficulty will be enhanced. Therefore, our company limits the flow rate of staff (no more than 5%) so as to maintain the internal competition vitality. Our company encourages fair and open competition and the staff is encouraged to compete for the management post and actively participates. Our technical reform projects invite bids from employees, and the good situation of comparison, study, help and transcendence has been formed.
4. Fair and Transparent Promotion System
In the aspect of talent promotion, the fair and transparent promotion system has been established. The thought of “Young, Knowledge, Professional, Prepared for Both Promotion and Demotion” is displayed. The employees enjoy the rights and opportunities that the general staff can be promoted through efforts and dedication. Our company carries out the systematic and reasonable suggestion activities, and advocates staff to think, analyze and solve problems according to the development situation of the company so as to find talents. The elites who break through the conventional mechanism are entrusted with important posts so as to stimulate potential. In the aspect of talent application, the labor intensive function of human resources and knowledge intensive function of talents are displayed. Although our company belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, the knowledge and technology take an important position in our company. In the aspect of salary distribution, our company gives full consideration to the difference between labor intensive and technology intensive and displays the importance of efficiency and benefit in staff salary structure. Our company gives full play to the intellectual resources of staff, encourages staff to think boldly, make innovation, seek progressive opportunities and promote work efficiency and benefit and provides everyone with space for displaying the individual ability so as to realize self value.
5. Compensation and Welfare System with Social Competitiveness
In the aspect of treatment, our company strives to establish a complete compensation and welfare system with social competitiveness and provides seniority subsidy for production line workers who have been in the company for more than one year. Besides salary, “endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund” are available. Our company provides free business lunch, regular physical examination, and vaccination, and carries out the preferential board and lodging charge system (staff apartment) and a complete labor protection system. Through the implementation of the above compensation and welfare system, the sense of identity and sense of belonging of staff are promoted, and the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of staff are inspired to the greatest extent possible. Our company creates the corresponding development environment according to different talents so that every staff can give full scope to the talent. Our company pays attention to every innovation project of the creative talents, encourages trail, allows failure and rewards them when achievements are made. To this end, the special award fund of about RMB 500,000 is provided for the creative talents every year, thereby forming good atmosphere of valuing talent.

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