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Morninghope company 51 two day tour of Xiamen


To thank all the staff has been working hard to enhance the friendship between colleagues, to create a happy holiday for everyone. Morninghope company in May 1st - 2, with all the staff a total of 127 people went to Xiamen for a two day trip. May 1st early in the morning, the staff on time at the door of the company, went to the station to Xiamen, after lunch to play in Jimei scenic area, and after dinner stay in Xiamen hotel.

After breakfast in May 2nd, the staff went to the Xiamen ferry terminal to take a boat trip to the sea garden, Gulangyu Islet. The island's historic buildings, the former British Consulate, the German Consulate and the Catholic Church in the Gothic style, Yu Garden, Shuzhuang garden, Longtou Road Commercial Street, Aberdeen beach, after the yacht close watch of military facilities, Taiwan Kinmen Island to visit Xiamen Xingsha group of fish fish liver, let you forget.

The afternoon play is located in the south of the island of Xiamen, Wulaofeng the Millennium temples - South Putuo temple. South Putuo temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, one of the southern Fujian Buddhist resort, is also the earliest Buddhist higher education base in China, the only Buddhist college. The temple building beautiful, magnificent and majestic. Cangjingge collection of Buddhist relics are rich and colorful, classic, the Song Dynasty ancient statues, bronze bell, etc., to the Ming Dynasty Bloodletter "Lotus Sutra" and He Zhaozong's famous white porcelain Guanyin is most precious. Around the temple to keep many inscription, there is the famous Ming Dynasty Chen Di, Shen Yourong and Qianlong imperial monument stone inscription. After the temple cliff "Buddha" stone, a high four feet wide and ten. After the five peak temple screen, Shochiku Cui Yu, beautiful rock gully, "five old peak", is one of Xiamen eight.

Car tour around the island road, along the way scenery unlimited, Huandao Road, see the sea, green belt, beach, reefs, sea view was fully demonstrated. In Taiwan and Kinmen at: "one country two systems, eight characters China unified" before, employees have to take pictures in. Then go to the Hulishan fortress, there are two guns the world's largest and smallest, and overlooking the golden gate. After watching the performance of the Taiwanese Kung Fu tea ceremony, the staff took the motor car back to Jinxiang, the end of a pleasant journey, with a full enthusiasm into the work!

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