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Gravure printing pre-printed on the advantages and the inadequacy of research and analysis


a gravure printing pre-printed advantages ① gravure pre-printed color cardboard boxes can get high-quality, green ink printed Gravure ink than other printing, gravure printing ink is full, ink thickness, three-dimensional; colorful, rich layers of high-definition. In a variety of printing, the print quality and print quality is stable. Gravure printing machine tension control system to control the machine stable, automatic register control system to ensure the the overprint accuracy & # 177,0.1 mm. Adequate drying gravure printing each color printing, the printed product is more secure. Ordinary gravure printed product line screens up to 200l/in, even with high surface smoothness of the premise of the paper, gravure can also get high quality printing. Print pre-printed water-based gravure inks, toxic pollution, environmental compliance. At present, the domestic production of gravure printing paper, ink and so is relatively mature, can withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃ and hot-plate friction of corrugated production line requirements. Gravure also can be printed and coated with varnish in one step. ② gravure pre-printed plates anti-Indian forces, suitable for carton high-volume print production requirements Gravure is a steel-plated chrome electric carving intaglio, the entire layout by a layer of hard chromium layer of protection, so even in the time of printing scraper and keep contact layout is still maintained a high anti-Indian forces, generally up to 300 to 400 million printed, suitable for carton quality, high-volume print production requirements. ③ gravure pre-printed for the continuous rolling pattern printing Offset plates wrapped in a good system on the plate cylinder version of roller surface there is always an area for the fixed plates. Gravure, gravure plate-making operation is carried out directly in the drum cylinder, so as long as the image on the drum do seamless pattern of continuous stretches, you can get in the substrates. (4) gravure printing pre-printed on the production of corrugated boxes have higher strength Pre-printed on the production of corrugated boxes is completed in the production line, in making corrugated board thermoform time, so the higher the strength of the corrugated box than traditional veneer machine, and avoid printing on paper box strength caused by injury, to enhance and improve the strength and resistance to punching strength of corrugated boxes

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